Patty Beach

Managing Partner
Versatility Factor
Boulder , CO, US

Patty Beach is CEO of LeadershipSmarts and Versatility Factor. LeadershipSmarts offers innovative leadership programs and have served F500 companies, academic institutions and government agencies. Notable clients include Polycom, Cisco, Kaiser Permanente, Quest Diagnostics, The Department of Energy and The University of Alaska. Patty has a Master's in Science in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University and is an ICF Master Certified Coach. Patty and her husband Roger Toennis co-created the Versatile Leadership Model and Versatility Factor Profile to help leaders measure, grow, balance and blend complementary yet opposite masculine and feminine strengths to create high performing, gender intelligent, inclusive cultures. Patty uses Versatile Leadership principles to run her consulting practice and 3 volunteer organizations.

For more information about Patty and her work at Versatility Factor and LeadershipSmarts visit the following websites:

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